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Free Parking

Where to Park Free on Weekends
in Addition to the Lot Next to the Church



Located between 9th and 10th Streets and 2nd and 3rd Avenues. You MUST park in the corner of 10th St. and 2nd Ave, and you must have a “St. Olaf” card. Show it to the attendant if on duty. PUT IT ON YOUR DASHBOARD ON THE DRIVER’S SIDE. Keep and reuse it each weekend. Cards are available at the Forliti Foyer desk or from the ushers.


Located across 2nd Ave. from the church, you can enter the ramp from either 2nd Ave. or 9th St. To exit the ramp without paying, you must have a voucher. Vouchers are available at the Forliti Foyer desk or from the ushers.

The Skyway is open on weekends ONLY from:

  • 9:30 am to 8:00 pm on Saturday
  • Noon to 6:00 pm on Sunday

All other times, you will have to walk outside to get to the church or to your vehicle.


To return to your car: enter the TCF Towers building through the doors on 8th St. Use the right-most. If the door is locked, call for assistance by using the buzzer on the wall to the right Once inside, take an immediate right, then a quick right again to access the elevator.

Please note: Vouchers are monitored to determine how long a car is parked in the ramp.


Thank you!