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St. Olaf Mission & Vision


The mission of St. Olaf Catholic Church

is to serve as a living sign of Christ’s saving presence in the heart of the city…

…by celebrating liturgy as the source and summit of our faith, and proving ongoing opportunity for participation in the sacramental life of the church.

…by providing an atmosphere of welcome, warmth, and beauty for assembly, reflection and prayer for all people.

…by drawing upon our Catholic heritage in creating and maintaining focused ministries founded upon justice and charity, reaching out into the broad range of St. Olaf worshippers and beyond.

…by joining with other Christian churches and other faith traditions in fostering the common good for growth of the Kingdom of God.

We embrace this mission in the name of the Father, with the Son, and through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The St. Olaf Vision

Today, the Eucharist is celebrated 17 times a week, bringing people throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area together for praise and thanksgiving to our gracious God.

St. Olaf maintains a vibrant liturgical life while also serving as a beacon of hope and charity for those less fortunate. The parish is a center for spiritual enrichment and a center for the arts. Whether people come to pray, to seek consolation, to ask for help, or simply to rest, St. Olaf serves as a peaceful haven of God’s grace.