Discussions That Encounter (DTE)

Discussions That Encounter (DTE)
June 13
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

June 13, 2019-St Olaf Catholic Church.  

A panel of phenomenal professional black women from the Silent Generation- Generation Y (Millennial's) will share candid stories of racism in the  workplace. This panel will expose how "MICROAGGRESSIONS" play a major role in the perception of their racial identity. You won’t want to miss it!  


6:30 pm -  Gathering and Community Meal
6:45 pm -  Program Begins
8:30 pm -  Evening Concludes

All are welcome! There is no charge.

Discussions That Encounter
For over twelve years, Discussions that Encounter has facilitated open discussions about race, racism and white privilege.
These events are sponsored by Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church (Pastor Arthur Agnew) and St. Olaf Catholic Church in Minneapolis, though we are not
affiliated with any faith but open to all. Rev Agnew, Lou Schoen, Rosalind Sampson and Bill Keatts organize the agenda and facilitate the discussions.
Our vision is to provide an environment where people of all walks-of-life and backgrounds can openly discuss any aspect of racism. We use
presenters, videos, or prepared materials to pursue a specific topic, with ample time for conversation and relationship building. The objectives of these
forums are to raise awareness, establish relationships, assist all along the journey of overcoming racism, provide education on historical and current
topics, and facilitate open conversations on topics that can't usually be approached across the "races."
Typically, the Forums are scheduled each 2nd (at St. Olaf) and 4th (at Plymouth Congregation-Nicollet Ave S. & Franklin Ave) Thursday evening in Minneapolis, and we have held events at various organizations throughout the Metro area as well (schools, faith congregations, prisons, business and government offices, etc.). Watch the St. Olaf calendar for the latest schedule and program details.

The goal is to bring people together from all walks of life to engage in in-depth conversation about the injustices of the race concept and the engagement of racism, thereby
offering the chance for individuals to build new relation-ships.

The Invitational
While the social construct of multiple races is not biologically genuine (there is only one race of people: the human race), it is socially real in America. The race scheme is
learned behavior through past and present institutional practices. The ancient philosophy of social characterization based upon human features is still centrally that which divides the nation. Americans are deeply rooted in race rules that contain defenses of the status quo. The USA is a diverse nation of people and their customs representing the global community. The time is yet coming, however, when in mainstream America we realize the total of this diversity, thereby celebrating our collective cultural heritage.
Through discussions that work to reveal the inner place (the self) of participants we expect to achieve individual transformation. Public law concerning racism has met the criteria for social change in America, but individually and inwardly this change is yet materializing. The mechanism for achieving individual change is
well-directed conversations across all standing barriers.

The entire community is invited to join these conversations that benefit the cause of dismantling racism in America. Interested persons are invited to contact Bill
Keatts — email: wkeatts@austin.rr.com for meeting updates and to be added to the mailing list of those receiving notification of Forum activity, or simply make contact through the information supplied herein.


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