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Book Club

The St. Olaf Book Club meets monthly at the parish, in the Fleming Foyer.

The books cover a variety of topics, and all are invited!

If you would like assistance/suggestions as to where to obtain the books, contact Book Club coordinator Jeanne Krumpelmann at 612-722-4084 or


The next meeting will be held on Sunday, July 8 from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m.

WhoJudge“Who Am I to Judge – Responding to Relativism with Logic and Love” by Edward Sri

In an age in which preference has replaced morality, many people find it difficult to speak the truth, afraid of the reactions they will receive if they say something is right or wrong. Edward Sri helps us understand the classical view of morality and equips us to engage relativism, appealing to both the head and the heart.

Learn how Catholic morality is really about love, why making a judgment is not the same as judging a person’s soul, and why, in the words of Pope Francis, “relativism wounds people”.

Dr. Edward Sri is a professor of theology at the Augustine Institute and a founding leader of FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students).