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Book Club

The St. Olaf Book Club meets monthly at the parish, in the Fleming Foyer.

The books cover a variety of topics, and all are invited!

If you would like assistance/suggestions as to where to obtain the books, contact Book Club coordinator Jeanne Krumpelmann at 612-722-4084 or

Surprised by TruthThe next meeting will be held on Sunday, November 26 from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m.

“Surprised by Truth: 11 Converts Give the Biblical and Historical Reasons for Becoming Catholic”
edited by Patrick Madrid

“My attraction to the beauty of the Church’s moral and mystical theology facilitated my conversion process. The more I read about the Church’s teachings the more I admired them; they ran true deep within my soul…”

This quotation from one of the converts summarizes the message found throughout this book.

The eleven stories of conversion demonstrate the deep longing for “truth” that led these writers to discover the “fullness of truth” found in the Catholic Church. Although coming from varied backgrounds, they all searched diligently throughout the Bible, the writings of the early Church Fathers, historical documents and the writings of various popes, theologians and saints. They describe the anxieties, doubts, and difficulties they encountered along the way; some struggling with long-held anti-Catholic biases. In the end, all came to whole-heartedly embrace the Catholic Church.