St. Olaf Nursery

St. Olaf Nursery

Children are always welcome at St. Olaf, but if they become disruptive during Mass, we request that you take advantage of our nursery facilities. Just ask one of our ushers to assist you.

The nursery is staffed during the Sunday 10:00 am and 12:00 noon Masses.

Child care is provided for children (infants through age 6) of worshipers by competent child care workers whose paramount concern is the health, safety, security and well-being of each child. The nursery strives to affect a supportive atmosphere in a protected environment so that children experience a sense of comfort and a minimum of distress regarding the parent’s absence.  Our nursery workers are urged to practice qualities of gentleness, compassion, empathy and understanding.

Personal contact, individual attention and prompt response are given to each child focusing on particular needs and interests. While physical needs, especially of infants, take priority, social interaction, emotional nurturing and mental stimulation become increasingly important for toddlers and pre-school children.

Guidelines for behavior are clear, concise, and consistent. Rules will be kept to a minimum. Discipline may be firm but not harsh, threatening, or in any way abusive.

The nursery provides the above-mentioned care as a service for children of worshipers at St. Olaf. It does not function as a licensed day care center or as a religious education program. Two qualified staff members are always present to supervise the nursery.

The St. Olaf Nursery provides:
Accommodations for parents wishing to stay with their children
A professional staff with many years of experience
Changing table
Baby supplies (including diapers and wipes)
Toddler-sized bathroom facilities
Books, games, toys, toys, toys!


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is to serve as a living sign of Christ's saving presence in the heart of the city.






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