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Music/Liturgy Internship

The purpose of the church music internship at St. Olaf Church is to provide a student the opportunity to exercise and advance their skills in church music as organist/pianist, conductor, liturgist, composer, vocalist in a professional worship/music program in downtown Minneapolis.

The student has the opportunity to design their course of observation, study, applied lessons, participation within the resources and activities of St. Olaf.

The St. Olaf worship/music program is extensive with one hundred music ministers, a diverse/multi-cultural setting, various styles of liturgical music spanning the history of music, television ministry, and concert series. St. Olaf Church houses the 67 rank Lively-Fulcher pipe organ in a superb acoustic, the van Daalen tracker organ in the chapel, private practice organ, Steinway piano in the sanctuary, and other practice pianos. The ministry of St. Olaf is in the heart of the city of Minneapolis serving the downtown community and beyond. The Twin Cities culture is internationally known for its excellence in church and classical music.

The term of the internship is late August through early June. Stipend is based on the student’s needs, and the strength and diversity of their talent brought to St. Olaf. Usual stipend is several thousand dollars. It is possible though not guaranteed that a parishioner may offer gratis housing to the student. Otherwise the student is responsible for their housing. Hours of responsibility at St. Olaf for the intern are such that it allows one to undertake other employment outside of St. Olaf during the internship, as long as it does not conflict with the work of the internship at St. Olaf.

The intern must have a Bachelor of Music Degree, strong organ and/or piano skills, and be a trained singer who can contribute as vocal leader to the choral program. The internship does not offer academic credit.

For more information, contact Kathy Borgen, Director of Music, at