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Music at Mass

Saturday 4:00 pm:  cantor, organ/piano
Sunday 6:00 am:  no music
8:00 am:  cantor, organ/piano
10:00 am: St. Olaf Parish Choir, organ/piano
12:00 noon: cantor, organ/piano

4:00 pm:  Contemporary Music Ensemble


Weekend Masses: September 23-24, 2017
25th Sunday in Ordinary Time


PRELUDE: Sun. 8am: Andantino amabile – J. Rheinberger; Sat. 4pm, Sun. 10am, 12pm: Larghetto – A. Guilmant; Sun. 4pm: Plenty Good Room – arr. R. Glover

OPENING: God, Whose Giving Knows No Ending – text: R. Edwards, tune: Rustington; Sun. 4pm: Rain Down – J. Cortez

GLORIA: Congregational Mass – J. Lee; Sun. 4pm: Mass of Creation – M. Haugen

SCRIPTURE: Isaiah 55:6-9

RESPONSORIAL PSALM 145 – J Gelineau; Sun. 4pm: K. Harmon

SCRIPTURE: Philippians 1:20C-24, 27A

GOSPEL ACCLAMATION: A. G. Murray, OSB; Sun. 4pm: N. Gouin / J. Kerr #260

GOSPEL: Matthew 20:1-16A


PREPARATION OF THE GIFTS: For the Fruits of This Creation – text: F.P. Green, tune: Ar Hyd y Nos; Sun, 10am: The Summons – arr. T. Trenney; Sun. 4pm: You Are All We Have #505

EUCHARISTIC ACCLAMATIONS: A Community Mass – R. Proulx; Sun. 4pm: Mass of Remembrance – M. Haugen


LAMB OF GOD: A Community Mass – R. Proulx; Sun. 4pm: Mass of Remembrance – M. Haugen

COMMUNION: The Last Shall Be First – Collegeville Composer Group; Sun. 4pm: Taste and See #814J. Moore

SENDING FORTH: Called To Labor in God’s Vineyard – text: J. Chepponis, tune: In Babilone

POSTLUDE: Sun. 8am: In Babilone – J. McIntyre; Sat. 4pm, Sun. 10am, 12pm: Aurinkomme ylösnousi (Risen is our Sun) – A. Lohi; Sun. 4pm: Rondo “We Are Filled With Joy” – B. Moore


Copyright Acknowledgements (All Rights Reserved. Reprinted under One License #A-704043)

Congregational Mass by J. Lee © 1970, 2011 GIA Publications; Mass of Creation by M. Haugen © 1984, 2010 GIA Publications; Mass of Remembrance by M. Haugen © 1987, 2010 GIA Publications; A Community Mass by R. Proulx © 1971, 2010 GIA Publications; Gospel Acclamation by A.G. Murray © 1958 GIA Publications, Inc,; The Last Shall be First by Collegeville Composer Group © 2007 Liturgical Press; Called to Labor in God’s Vineyard by J. Chepponis © 2011 GIA Publications, Inc.; For the Fruits of This Creation by F.P. Green © 1970 Hope Publishing Company; Psalm 145 by J. Gelineau © 1998 GIA Publications; Psalm 145 by K. Harmon © 2013 GIA Publications; God, Whose Giving Knows No Ending by R. Edwards © 1961, 1989 The Hymn Society.