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Music at Mass

Saturday 4:00 pm:  cantor, organ/piano
Sunday 6:00 am:  no music
8:00 am:  cantor, organ/piano
10:00 am: St. Olaf Parish Choir
12:00 noon:  cantor, organ/piano

4:00 pm:  Contemporary Music Ensemble


Weekend Masses: April 1-2, 2017
Fifth Sunday of Lent

PRELUDE: Sun. 8am, 12noon: Gammal fäbodpsalm från Dalarna – O. Lindberg; Sat. 4pm, Sun. 10am: My Heart is Filled With Longing – J. Brahms; Sun. 4pm: You Are Mine #649

OPENING: I Know That My Redeemer Lives #430; Sun. 4pm: Turn to the Living God – L. True

PENITENTIAL RITE: chant; Sun. 4pm: from Mass of the Angels and Saints – S. Janco

SCRIPTURE: Ezekial 37:12-14

RESPONSORIAL PSALM 130 – L. Trapp/J. Gelineau; Sun. 4pm: – M. Joncas

SCRIPTURE: Romans 8:8-11

GOSPEL ACCLAMATION/GOSPEL: John 11:3-7, 17, 20-27, 33b-45



PREPARATION OF THE GIFTS: Keep in Mind – #674; Sun. 10am choir: O God of Mercy – D. White; Sun. 4pm: We Who Once were Dead – D. Haas

EUCHARISTIC ACCLAMATIONS: Mass of Creation – M. Haugen; Sun. 4pm: Mass of Light – D. Haas


LAMB OF GOD: from Mass of the Divine Word – H. Hughes; Sun. 4pm: from Mass of the Angels and Saints – S. Janco

COMMUNION: I Am the Resurrection – Collegeville Composers Group; Sun. 4pm: I Am the Bread of Life #828

COMMUNION MEDITATION: Sun. 10am choir: I Know That My Redeemer Liveth – T. Morley

SENDING FORTH: We Shall Rise Again #772; Sun. 4pm: Jerusalem, My Destiny #390

POSTLUDE: Sun. 8am, 12noon: Plein jeu du 1er ton – Pierre du Mage; Sat. 4pm, Sun. 10am: From Depths of Woe – F. Zachau; Sun. 4pm: Larghetto – W. Boyce


Copyright Acknowledgements (Used with permission of license.), Chicago, IL. Mass of Creation by M. Haugen©1984, 1985, 2010; Mass of Light by D. Haas ©1988, 2010; Kyrie and Lamb of God from Mass of the Angels and Saints by S. Janco ©1996; Lamb of God from Mass of the Divine Word by H. Hughes ©1981; Lenten Intercessions Response by L. True ©2013; I Am the Resurrection by Collegeville Composers Group @2005 Liturgical Press; Ps. 130: With the Lord There is Mercy by M. Joncas ©1983 OCP; We Who Once Were Dead by D. Haas ©1987; Turn to the Living God by L. True @2003.