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Ministry Opportunities



We are pleased that you are a part of St. Olaf Catholic Church. As you know, our tradition is serving Christ in the heart of the city. As society has changed over the past 20 years the needs and desires of parishioners have changed. Many have more that one church affiliation. Some choose to be a member of a church for liturgical purposes: baptisms, confirmations, Holy Communion, weddings, assistance in time of illness and death. There is a growing number of Catholics who not only want access to the sacraments but they seek to discover the full meaning of the Catholic experience and what it can mean to their life’s journey.

At St. Olaf we refer to this relationship as enrollment not just membership. Enrollment is for one who is seeking full participation in community activities. They are looking to study, learn, pray, live, love, give and share in a thriving community of friendship that is more than just a place to go to church. Each member is free to choose the relationship of their choice, whether as member of the Church or as an enrolled member of the community. Are you looking for a Catholic Church where you can be part of a Catholic community where you can participate in activities that support your faith? Are you looking for opportunities to serve the less fortunate, opportunities to learn about your faith and how it can help you with life, a community that reaches out to you to support your faith journey?


To find an area in which to become involved:
~ download the Volunteer Sign-up Form HERE

~ complete the online Sign-up Form HERE
~ or call the parish office at 612-332-7471.