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Risen Christ

“St. Olaf deeply understands the transformative power of Risen Christ School, as well as the challenges involved in bringing hope and opportunity through outstanding Catholic education. You help insure that Risen Christ School is financially accessible, academically excellent and faith-filled.”

Helen Dahlman, President

Photo Las Posadas Children

Over 300 bright, young students are the reason St. Olaf became involved with Risen Christ Catholic School. This partnership was established in 1998 to provide volunteers and financial support for the school’s mission of providing safe, academically challenging, faith-filled learning in the inner city. St. Olaf parishioners and friends have provided over $1,000,000 in financial support from 1998 through 2004.

Risen Christ Catholic School, located in the Powderhorn Park area of south Minneapolis, began in 1993 as a consolidation of five K-8 parish schools. The original schools included Holy Name, Holy Rosary, Incarnation, St. Albert the Great, Incarnation, and St. Stephen’s.

Staff and volunteers share a commitment to developing the spiritual, academic, social, physical and leadership gifts of the children. The student population reflects the diversity of south Minneapolis and includes 83% Latino students. Over 95% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch.

Dual Language Immersion (DLI) provides a wide array of benefits for all students: enhanced brain development (better thinking, mathematical and problem-solving skills); higher academic achievement in all subjects; additional knowledge and understanding of one’s native language; greater understanding, appreciation and respect for other languages and cultures; and better employment opportunities. Students become bilingual, bi-literate and bicultural citizens in an increasingly diverse world, learning in both Spanish and English. Present kindergarten classes are dual language. This immersion program will greatly enhance the school’s ability to address the challenges of the achievement gap, according to President Helen Dahlman.


Lunch and learn about the school. Meet students and take a tour! Upcoming dates include March 18, April 15 and May 20, 2015. Contact Fran Rusciano Murnane, Director of Advancement, to make a reservation or for information, 612-822-5329, ext 102.



Volunteer support helps the school provide a high-quality education and opportunity for students to learn skills for a successful future. Volunteers provide encouragement and hope to eager students.

Book Club Leader for 3rd-5th grade students. Begins in January for 4 weeks, from 11:55-12:35.

Art Adventure Leader, a weekly program through March and April. Training is in January.

Friday Food Volunteer, who distributes bags of food to student backpacks, providing them with extra nutrition and food for the weekend. From noon – 1:00 pm, minimum of once per month.

Special Events Volunteer, which includes the Risen Christ Annual Gala in May.

Mailing Volunteers, who help fold, stuff and seal envelopes with a fun group of people. On-call basis, during the school day.

All volunteers must apply and complete an application. Volunteers working with students must also agree to a criminal background check, attend the archdiocese training “Protecting God’s Children” and participate in orientation and training at the school. Contact Maggie McCarrick, Director of Volunteers, at 612-822-5329 or


Rigorous Catholic education at Risen Christ is made possible because of your generosity. Tuition covers only a fraction of the costs of education. You can make a gift by contacting Fran Rusciano Murnane, Director of Advancement, at 612-822-5329 ext. 102 or


PARISH CONTACT: Joan Miltenberger, Director of Charity and Justice Ministry, 612-767-6211 or