Annual Stewardship Renewal

Annual Stewardship Renewal 2023 - Featuring Fr. Kevin Kenney, Pastor 

Participate in the Annual Stewardship Renewal for 2023. We are called to be Missionary Disciples, bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ with us everywhere we go, in everything we do, and in how we speak and act. We are called to be good stewards of our faith throughout our whole life.  Living Stewardship as a way of life is living to answer the question,
“What will you do with the gifts you have been given?” 

Saint Olaf uses the gifts we receive to enable us to keep our doors open in the heart of downtown, to serve all who come through our doors, and to build up the faith of each individual, meeting them where they are and walking with them in faith. 
We have hope, we live hope, we share hope.

Join Saint Olaf as we heed our call to live

as Intentional Disciples in today’s world.
PRAY INTENTIONALLY- Develop that personal relationship with God in daily prayer, one that works for you, whether it is our well-known and loved Catholic prayers, reading scripture, meditative prayer, or that one-on-one conversation with God. Prayer in community is also vital, worshipping with others at Mass, as together we lift our prayers to God and grow in faith.

SERVE INTENTIONALLY- Learn about the gifts you have to share and teach your faith to others through your gifts. Ignite your passion as you learn to love the unique and amazing gifts you have been given.
Serve by yourself or join in service with your friends and family.
Saint Olaf's ministries meet the needs of members and guests in the areas of Charity and Justice, Faith Formation, Hospitality, Pastoral Care, Services, and Worship and Music.

SHARE INTENTIONALLY - Spread the Good News far and wide by giving of your heart and your gifts to others.  Teach your faith to others through your actions.  Evangelize as you share within your family, to the neighbor across the street, to the stranger you encounter, or to someone far away that you have never met. The gifts you share today and tomorrow will have similar impacts on future parishioners, associate parishioners, and visitors to Saint Olaf as we continue to live as Intentional Disciples in the heart of the city.

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