Charity and Justice

Saint Olaf Housing Project

What if I told you Saint Olaf is in the process of finalizing a plan to provide a significant stream of revenue for ministries and programs, upgrade our parking lot with covered parking, AND provide nearly 200 units of critically needed affordable housing in the heart of downtown?

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Samaritan Ministry

Saint Olaf Samaritan Ministry (formerly Saint Olaf Social Outreach Program) continues a 43+ year tradition of serving those who come to our parish door in time of need. Samaritan Ministry provides a safe and comfortable place of hospitality, hope and service. We meet with each guest and listen to their story, discern their needs and support their goals...

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Adult Shelter Connect

For those who are seeking shelter, please call the direct phone number for Adult Shelter Connect, 612-248-2350, or CLICK HERE to visit their website. Please do not call the Saint Olaf Office. We have no way to transfer your call. Thank you!

Exodus Residence

The Exodus Residence is a home to 95 single men and women in need of low cost and supportive housing. It meets the critical need of low cost housing for persons who have experienced homelessness. Saint Olaf owns the 8-story building, which is located...

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Habitat for Humanity

Saint Olaf parishioners work with A Brush with Kindness, a project of Habitat for Humanity, to construct, paint and fix-up area homes for families in need. In 2002–2007, Saint Olaf volunteers partnered with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, and other downtown congregations, to build...

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Risen Christ

Over 300 bright, young students are the reason Saint Olaf became involved with Risen Christ Catholic School. This partnership was established in 1998 to provide volunteers and financial support for the school’s mission of providing safe, academically challenging, faith-filled learning in the inner city. Saint Olaf parishioners and friends have provided...

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