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The Monday-Friday 7:00am Mass is held in the Chapel.

The Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
A Holy Day of Obligation
Thursday, December 8, 2022
no confessions

7:00am            Fr. Mark Wehmann
10:00am Fr. Mark Wehmann
12:00Noon    Fr. Kevin Kenney (+Live streamed)
5:15pm       Fr. Mark Wehmann

Friday, December 9, 2022
7:00am + Confession            Fr. Mike Krenik
11:00am      Eucharistic Adoration
12:00Noon                   Fr. Mark Wehmann

Saturday, December 10, 2022
12:00Noon + Confession      Fr. Mark Wehmann
12:30 Confession      Fr. Kevin Kenney
4:00pm       Fr. Kevin Kenney

Sunday, December 11, 2022     The Third Sunday of Advent
6:00am                                    Fr. Mark Wehmann
8:00am                                    Fr. Mark Wehmann
10:00am                                  Fr. Mark Wehmann (+Live streamed)
12:00Noon                              Fr. Kevin Kenney
4:00pm                                    Fr. Kevin Kenney

Monday, December 12, 2022 
7:00am + Confession            Fr. Kevin Kenney
12:00Noon                      Fr. Mark Wehmann (+Live streamed)

Tuesday, December 13, 2022
7:00am + Confession            Fr. Mark Wehmann
12:00Noon + Confession      Fr. Kevin Kenney (+Live streamed)
12:30 Confession        Fr. Mark Wehmann

Weekend Masses

December 10/11, 2022
Third Sunday of Advent – Gaudete Sunday

Sat. 4pm:  cantor, organ/piano
Sun. 6am:  no music
Sun. 8am: cantor, organ/piano
Sun. 10am: Saint Olaf Parish Choir, organ/piano
Sun. 12Noon:  cantor, organ/piano
Sun. 4pm:  Saint Olaf Contemporary Choir and ensemble

Weekend Masses, December 10/11, 2022
Third Sunday of Advent – Gaudete Sunday

The Sunday 4:00pm Mass will be bilingual English/Spanish, celebrating the Third Sunday of Advent and also Our Lady of Guadalupe.

PRELUDE (Sat. 4pm; Sun. 8am, 10am, 12Noon): Gaudete in Domino semper, Gregorian chant Introit for the Third Sunday of Advent;   Sun. 4pm: Desde el Cielo / From the Heavens – Traditional, tr. M. Bringle

ENTRANCE:   Stay Awake, the Day is Coming – C. Idle, P. Nicolai;   Sun. 4pm: Preparen el camino – F. Rodríguez

KYRIE:   Mass of the Angels and Saints – S. Janco

SCRIPTURE:   Isaiah 35:1-6A, 10

RESPONSORIAL PSALM 146:   –­ M. Guimont

SCRIPTURE:   James 5:7-10

GOSPEL ACCLAMATION:   Alleluia 7 – J. Berthier

GOSPEL:   Matthew 11:2-11


PRAYER OF THE FAITHFUL (response):   Mass of the Angels and Saints – S. Janco

PREPARATION OF THE GIFTS:   Comfort, Comfort, O My People #326;   Sun. 10am: Zion Hears the Watchman Singing – J.S. Bach, arr. J. Leavitt;   Sun. 4pm: La Virgen de Guadalupe – A. Ferreirós, OFM

EUCHARISTIC ACCLAMATIONS:   Missa Emmanuel – R. Proulx


LAMB OF GOD:   Mass of the Divine Word – H. Hughes;   Sun. 4pm: Mass of Good Will – R. Stratton

COMMUNION:   Maranatha, Lord Messiah – K. Powell;   Sun. 4pm: You Call Us, Lord – C. Browning

MEDITATION (Sun. 10am):   Comfort Ye – R.E. Smith

SENDING FORTH:   O Come, Divine Messiah #333 (Sun. 4pm: sung in English and Spanish, tr. R. Krisman)

Copyright Acknowledgements
All Rights Reserved.  Reprinted under One License #A-704043:
Mass of the Angels and Saints by S. Janco © 1996, 2010, GIA Publications, Inc.; Alleluia 7 by J. Berthier © 1984, Les Presses de Taizé, GIA Publications, Inc., agent; Missa Emmanuel by R. Proulx © 1991, 2010, GIA Publications, Inc.; Mass of the Divine Word by H. Hughes © 1981, GIA Publications, Inc.; Mass of Good Will by R. Stratton © 2010; Stay Awake, the Day is Coming by C. Idle © 1982, 2016, GIA Publications, Inc.; English translation of Desde el cielo by M. Bringle © 2005, GIA Publications, Inc.; Psalm 146 by M. Guimont © 1994, GIA Publications, Inc.; La Virgen de Guadalupe by A. Ferreirós, OFM © Fray Alejandro R. Ferreirós, published by OCP; Maranatha, Lord Messiah by K. Powell © 1999, GIA Publications, Inc.; You Call Us, Lord by C. Browning © 2004, GIA Publications, Inc.; Spanish translation of O Come, Divine Messiah by R. Krisman © 2005, GIA Publications, Inc.

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